Why Has AL-KO ESC Been Developed?

On any Australian caravan journey, a driver can encounter extreme driving conditions that at best can undermine confidence and at worst cause a loss of control - a loss of control that could have deadly consequences.

Despite modern chassis technology severe traffic accidents with trailer and caravans continue to be a serious issue so like Mercedes Benz and BMW, AL-KO saw the need for an Electronic Stability Control system that works under extreme driving conditions while towing.

The biggest issue to remedy keeping the caravan stable following an emergency evasive manoeuvre – such as avoiding a vehicle or animal appearing suddenly on the road ahead.

Due to the unpredictable and sometimes extreme nature of these driving conditions Australia’s leading RV component manufacturer AL-KO has developed the Electronic Stability Control system, or ESC, for Towed Vehicles, a system that will significantly improve towing safety in Australia.

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