About The AL-KO ESC Installer Network

AL-KO ESC is supported by more than 200 Certified ESC Installers around the country, providing you with the confidence that you will always receive ESC support wherever you are on your travels.

All members have been “hand-picked” to receive factory training on the installation of AL-KO ESC

ALK068_CertifiedInstaller_LogoAll Certified AL-KO ESC Installers have been factory trained by AL-KO on the installation of AL-KO ESC to caravans and trailers fitted with AL-KO Electric brakes and approved suspension configurations.

Before receiving certification as an AL-KO ESC Installer, AL-KO ensures that applicants have:
A thorough understanding regarding the operation of AL-KO ESC;
The facility to service and replace caravan components including electric brakes, backing plates and suspension components;

A list of the current members of the AL-KO ESC Certified Installer network is available Here.

For ultimate peace of mind and the safety of you and your family, make sure you fit AL-KO ESC. And check with your insurance company to see whether you can get a premium reduction.

Caravan Service Centers and Dealers interested in attaining a certificate in the service and installation of AL-KO ESC can apply for consideration using the Contact Us form.

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