Australia’s only emergency stability control

In an emergency you need total control as quickly as possible. Only AL-KO ESC makes sure you’ve got it.

AL-KO ESC brakes all wheels on a caravan simultaneously as soon as a dangerous sideways movement is detected – and holds them on to wipe off speed and stopping distance in the shortest possible time for maximum control.

This maintains the line and stability of the car and caravan allowing you to perform an emergency avoidance manoeuvre. Your car and caravan operate as one – there’s no jack-knifing – and you’re back on your side of the road with a potential disaster behind you.

Why risk towing with anything else?

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AAI Limited trading as CIL Insurance issues the product. Please read the PDS available at before buying and consider whether it is right for you.

I often encourage my caravaning friends and those other ‘nomads’ that we meet on our travels to seriously consider that they purchase a caravan fitted with ESC, or seek to have it retro-fitted to their current caravan. It is that good!

Alan Gostelow
Inverloch, Victoria


The instant the sway was felt, it was resolved.
In my view ESC is THE most important accessory to fit in your caravan.

Paul Matthews
Cabarita, Sydney


Believe me, there’s only one system – only one – that’s designed for real emergencies.

Charlie Kovacs,
Test Driver
V8 Supercar driver
Former world caravan-towing land speed record holder – 204kph.


  • Serious safety technology More than just sway control. AL-KO ESC is the serious safety technology designed for emergency towing situations.
  • Brakes all wheels for maximum control Maximum control in an emergency. Only AL-KO ESC brakes all wheels to wipe off speed and stopping distance.
  • Designed in Australia for Australia Only AL-KO ESC is designed and made in Australia for our roads.
  • Works in off-road conditions AL-KO doesn’t deactivate in off-road conditions. It continues working effectively to keep you safe.
  • Fully customised to each caravan No compromises on safety. Only AL-KO ESC is fully calibrated and customised to each caravan’s specifications.
  • National support network Local AL-KO technical support and a national network of over 200 ESC Certified Installers ensures peace of mind.
  • #1 choice of leading manufacturers AL-KO ESC is supported and fitted by the majority of leading caravan manufacturers in Australia.